3 Steps to Make You Shine Like the Stars

Looking to have a sun-kissed glow all year round? Slowly watching your complexion fade from the summer months can be depressing. All that hard work you put into your safe sun bathing practices goes right out the window once the sun starts setting at 4 p.m. Below we give you three steps from our favorite shows and movies that will keep you glowing straight through the winter without having to hit a tanning booth.

1. Illuminate. With the season finale of America's Next Top Model this week, we looked back at our favorite look from the season. Nicole's Hawaiian shoot was absolutely radiant, mainly because of her glowing skin. To get a luminous glow like hers, try an Illuminator, like Clinique Up-lighting Liquid Illuminator. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and the area above your brow bone to brighten your face, without obvious added sparkle.

2. Bronze. Katherine Heigl's hair
in The Ugly Truth was a heated topic of debate in the battle of long vs. short, but what really would have made her character shine was using a dab of bronzer. Bronzers work for every skin type, not just those who are naturally olive toned. When choosing a color, go just a hint darker than your natural skin color, and apply with a large brush, sweeping across the areas of your face the sun would naturally hit.

3. Self-tan. Bella Swan's pale skin in The Twilight Saga: New Moon reminded us how important it is to keep a healthy hue all year round. By keeping a natural glow even through the colder months, your makeup will appear brighter and your features will be more defined. Be sure to find a self-tanner that will look natural on you. Choose a foam based one over lotion or spray to avoid streaks and running with your color.

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Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.