3 TV Hair and Makeup Tips for the Holiday Party Season

'Tis the season to try something new and different with your look! Read below to get our favorite TV and movie looks from the past week, and the products that can help you make a subtle or distract change to your look.

Switch hair teams.
Sandra Bullock's blonde hair
in The Blind Side was a definite change from her trademark brunette strands. If Bullock can pull it off, so can you! Do a DIY dye job at home with these tips:

  • To go lighter: look for a permanent shade that has the words neutral, beige, or ash in the name to prevent your hair from looking brassy. To go even lighter, use a highlighting kit afterward.
  • Watch the time: Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan warns DIY dyers to start the timer as soon as the first color hits your head, and not to leave anything on longer than 30 minutes to avoid frying.
  • When it's time for a touch up job for your roots: Marie Robinson, senior colorist at Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon in NYC says to apply color closest to the scalp and only at the sections of regrowth, so you don't overprocess your hair or end up with two different hues.
Try a new hair color now without the risk.

Party it up with a pretty pout.
To get the perfect pucker this season, try something a little different than the predictable holiday red shades. Instead, go for a softer look like the lip color Kelly Osbourne wore in the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. A soft, pale pink or nude lip gives off a subtle color that won't overpower the rest of your face. Start out with MAC Baroque Boudoir Lip Glass in Preciousness or Givenchy's Rouge d'Armani #102. Apply a sheer line of Vaseline or gloss over your lipstick after applying to help seal the color in. Find your perfect shade of lipstick here.

Get creative with your updos.

Everyone has had the horror updo for a wedding or event that still haunts us in our pictures. But sometimes taking a risk is well worth it. Alicia Keys proved that with her AMA hairstyle. Keys wore a sophisticated updo with French braided bangs in the front. If you have a holiday party this season that calls for a hair appointment, talk with your stylist about what look will work for your hair type and texture. If you have thick hair, go for a low-slung braided bun. For thinner hair, create a look with volume and pair it with a dramatic smoky eye.

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