3 Ways to Make Your Makeup Makeout-proof Tonight

By Beth Shapouri, Glamour magazine

Got a hot date for Valentine's Day? Here's how to make sure you don't end up with your makeup melting down your face-or all over his-when things get steamy.

1) Use a primer. Usually primer isn't really something we get into around here. For day to day, it's not really necessary. But when you really want to make sure your makeup doesn't budge, primer is the key--it fills in lines and holds on to makeup for dear life. No primer on hand? Did you know Monistat cream would work? True story.

2) Look for non-transferring formulas. There are a ton of long-lasting makeup products out there now that are kiss-proof. Check out my time-elapsed test of the Maybelline SuperStay lipstick I tried last year.

3) Forget it and just take off your lipstick and any heavy eye makeup before the "fun" starts. I've recently discovered Japonesque's Beauty Fixation pre-filled cotton swabs which come with makeup remover in them so no matter where you are, you can make sure you can take off anything that might stain pillow cases, collars or whatever else you might come in contact with.

So that's it. Got a way you make sure your makeup stays put? If so, leave it in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images