Here's What Princesses Around the World Wore This Week

by Danica Lo

It's been pretty quiet on the celeb fashion front the past few weeks--what with A-listers out and about on private holidays skiing in Switzerland and sunning themselves on beaches in Barbados. But you know who was around being photographed in their finest, uh, finery? Royals. Doing royals-type things. Like wearing tiaras and attending public functions. Or not.

Check out our round-up of this week's princess photographs. Some of them are wearing full-on regalia, some of them are just hanging out, going to the store, doing their thing. They're princesses in their natural habitats, either way!

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie: Out and about at Sandringham, Queen Elizabeth II's country estate, the two princesses wore adorable, tailored dress-coats--Eugenie in a military-inspired black one with gold buttons and Beatrice in a bright eggshell blue.

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Princess Marie of Denmark: At Queen Margrethe of Denmark's New Year's Banquet, Marie of Denmark stepped out with her hubby, Prince Joachim, wearing this floor-length off-white gown.
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Princess Uschi zu Hohenlohe: Photographed in dressy casual-and a jaunty orange scarf!-at the Circus Krone Christmas Show in Munich.
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Crown Princess Masako of Japan: Wore an elegant teal suit on the veranda of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo during the Emperor's public address yesterday.
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Princess Anne: Here she is, gorgeous in red, with Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham this past Sunday.
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Crown Princess Mary of Denmark:
Wore a floor-length velvet burgundy gown to the Queen's New Year's Banquet in Copenhagen.
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And here are two entries in the "Princesses are just like us" photo category:

Princess Elena of Spain: Skiing with her daughter in Baqueira Beret.
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Princess Cristina of Spain: Far right, going to the store in Vitoria-Gasteiz with her sister-in-law. Is she wearing a North Face puffer coat?
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Okay, time to vote--which Princess-y holiday week look do you like best? Are you a dress-up girl or do you prefer to stay low-key?

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