4 Outfits That Make Your Thighs Thinner

The right outfit can make upper-leg weight disappear into thin air. Check out how these celebs did it.

Embrace A-Line
The purple dress blouses over midthigh, visually adding inches. The jumper's A-line hem makes Sophia Bush's legs look narrow in comparison.
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Keep Pants Long
Boxy capris and flats give the illusion of short, thick legs. Long, dark jeans with heels elongate Elisha Cuthbert's frame and hide curvy thighs.
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Choose Shorter Tops

The tank hits at the widest part of Fergie's thigh - eek! A shorter tee and looser, straight-leg jeans streamline her figure.
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Sport a Flowy Fabric

The gray dress clings to every curve; the red one downplays Alicia Keys' thighs, creating a slim hourglass silhouette.
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