4 Rules For Buying Your Holiday Makeup Bag

By Pia Bhattacharya, SELF magazine

Packing for a trip can be quite a headache, especially when you're limited on space. One of my biggest problems is organizing my makeup bag so that the tools I need are easy to find in a hurry. Here a few pointers for choosing the right cosmetic case for you!

What should you look for?

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  • Zippers should close all the way to the end. Sometimes, if there's a little space between the catch and the zipper, it will latch on to fabrics or objects in your purse and be pulled open. The Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Bag Collection is not only adorable, it has a fold over snap to keep your cosmetics secure.

  • Built in mirrors are always a plus. You won't have to spend time searching for one or risk breaking one if your purse gets tossed around.

  • Separate slots or straps to store brushes (like this Bobbi Brown Cosmetic Bag) will ensure that they don't pick up loose makeup (ever think a brush is clean and end up with an unintentional smokey eye?).

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What should you avoid?

  • Very deep compartments will make it really hard to find your makeup and clean out spills.

  • Absorbant fabrics are hard to clean and tend to snag the edges of makeup containers and tools.

  • Cases without separate compartments that crowd your makeup together can cause your containers to break under pressure.

Remember: When you're traveling internationally, the "3-1-1" rule will help you know what to carry on and what to check: "3" ounce bottle of liquid or gels, "1" quart sized clear plastic bag (holding your liquid containers) and "1" quart-sized bag per person placed in the security bin for screening.

Happy holiday packing!

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