5 Beauty Fixes that Take 5 Minutes or Less

1. Quick Twist Hairstyle

Here's your formula to look polished fast: Start by massaging Dry Shampoo into your roots. "It soaks up excess oils and adds texture," says hairstylist Andy Lecompte, who works with Jessica Biel and Leighton Meester. Pull hair back into a chignon and twist in Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins ($6.49 for two)--one equals 20 bobby pins.

Gorgeous Hair Styling Options

2. Fake Great Skin

Balancing work, kids, husband, friends? No time for you often equals lackluster, tired skin. Don't bother layering on the foundation, bronzer, and blush; your skin will just look tired and cakey. The solution: tinted bronzing gel, applied over your face and neck after your morning shower for an instant outer glow--even if you don't feel one on the inside.

How to Get Perfect Skin

3. Perfect Your Pout

Use a lip plumper before lipstick. "Plumpers keep your lips hydrated, which prevents new lines from forming and simultaneously fills creases you already have to stop color bleeding," explains makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. Look for products with antiaging ingredients like ceramides and vitamin E. We like Laura Mercier Lip Plumper ($30).

Beautiful Lips at Every Age

4. Look Luminous

Highlighters and concealers are simple to use and take years off your face. For expert-level results at home, try Goodwin's red-carpet recipe: After foundation, gently pat concealer under your eyes, paying special attention to the inner corners. Then cover laugh lines by dabbing a concealer with wrinkle-relaxing properties on with your fingers. When your makeup has set, use a sponge to press highlighter along your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on the V of your upper lip to add radiance.

5. Hide Wrinkles

Botox and fillers aren't the only ways to treat unwanted lines. We swear by Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate ($32), which reduces wrinkles and tightens skin on contact. Roll on Clinique All About Eyes Serum ($25.50) to minimize puffiness and dark circles. "Don't be afraid to apply them over your makeup," adds Goodwin. And since both are slim enough to fit into the tiniest clutch, reapply them day and night for maximum results.

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