5 Beauty Lessons We Learned This Year from Miranda Kerr

by Beth Shapouri

Tyler BoyeTyler Boye
Miranda Kerr had quite the year--not only did she maintain her usual model level of hotness, but she managed to run what seemed like a million errands with her incredibly cute son, she amicably (at least it seems that way) split from Orlando Bloom, and in the process, she taught us many things about looking great. Here's what you learned from her in 2013.

Lesson 1) Yoga time can double as skin care treatment time.

Lesson 2) When your hair needs TLC, nothing comes to the rescue like a coconut oil mask.

Lesson 3) Choosing the right neckline can help frame your face perfectly and pretty you up just as easily as the right makeup.

Lesson 4) Red lipstick can turn running errands into a confidence-boosting event.

And lesson 5) A deep side part makes for a sexier ponytail.

We can all take these lessons with us into 2014. Which one sticks out the most to you?

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