5 Beauty Products To Cool You Down

h2o mint body washH2O

When the A/C isn't cutting it and visual imagery of glaciers is doing jack, opt for a quick fix. These beauty products will help cool you down when the temps are up. Ice cream works, too, but it does nothing for your skin.

When a cold shower isn't enough, try H2O's Ice Water Cooling Mint Body Wash, which includes menthol and spearmint oil to give your skin an icy slap. [$15, Smarter.com]

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skyn iceland creamSephora

Skyn Iceland is a kind of creepy title for a beauty company, but it's also aptly named as many of its products are about icy relief. This eye cream has a cooling effect when you put it on that works great to calm you before bed, or to energize you first thing. [$45, Sephora]

evian sprayDrugstore

A classic: Evian natural mineral water facial spray is how French ladies keep their skin toned and moisturized all year round. [$15, Drugstore.com]

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dior hydraactionBeauty Encounter

If you feel like getting fancy with your face spray, try Christian Dior's HydrAction. Spritz for a refreshing blast, under or over makeup. [$31, Beauty Encounter]

perfekt eye gelSephora

Make Perfekt's Eye Perfection Gel a summertime standby in your purse. Use it as an eyeshadow primer, or just dab some on your lids in heated moments with the "cooling, natural palladium tip applicator." Cucumber extract adds freshness. [$45, Sephora]

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