5 Celeb Hairstyles You'll Want to Try

According to our exclusive salon poll, certain styles are in crazy-high demand. Whether it's Blake's curls or Kristen's shag you want to clone, these cut and color secrets from Hollywood stylists are all you need. Of course, celebs haven't always had perfect strands. Want proof? Check out these celeb hair makeovers.

Blake Lively's High-Drama Curls

Hands down, Blake's do is the top celeb style requested day after day, say our experts. "She has it all: shine, fullness, and bounce," says Jennifer Johnson, head stylist on the set of Gossip Girl. Got a girl crush on Blake? Find out what it means. To get that luster, you have to keep hair healthy. "Fried strands look dull, so I spray on a heat protectant before picking up a blow-dryer or iron," says Johnson, who likes Aveda Brilliant Damage Control, $15. To score serious volume, use a paddle brush to lift up your roots from the scalp as you aim the blow-dryer directly at them. When roots are dry, switch to a medium-size round brush. Pull it through 2-inch sections as you dry and smooth them. Finally, clamp medium-size sections around a large curling iron. Release when hair feels hot, then roll the curl up and secure it to your scalp with a bobby pin. Repeat until all your hair is set, then remove the pins and run a wide-tooth comb through the curls to separate them - they'll look more retro than like ringlets. Learn to master a bombshell blowout at home.

Beyoncé's Super Smooth Strands

Achieving this perfect, sleek-as-glass finish starts with an anti-frizz cream (we like Pantene Frizz Control Serum, $5). Apply a thin coat all over, then blow-dry hair with a paddle brush (its shape straightens strands). Next, grab a fine-tooth comb and flatiron. Take a 1-inch section of hair (the smaller the section, the straighter it will get), and place the comb an inch from roots and the iron directly above it. Slowly pull the comb and the iron down toward your ends at the same time. The comb detangles and presmooths the hair; the heat seals the style in place, says Kim Kimble, Beyoncé's stylist. Now repeat these steps until you've straightened all your hair. See Beyonce's transformation from pop starlet to superstar fashionista.

Plus: Watch this video to find out to give yourself a sleek, shiny blowout.

Isla Fisher's Vibrant Coppery Red

Isla's dazzling red is au naturel, but your colorist can copy it by mixing papaya and golden apricot tints, then applying the combo as a single-process dye, says Redken colorist Tracey Cunningham. Red-dye molecules are larger than other shades, so they shampoo out faster. Use low-sulfate washes (like Tresemmé Naturals Shampoo, $6) to fight the fade. Plus: If you're so sick of your hair you can barely stand it, get inspired with these gorgeous star styles.

Reese Witherspoon's Sexy Side-Swept Bangs

"When it comes to hair, nothing's flirtier than absentmindedly brushing your bangs across your forehead," says Townsend. That's why he cut Reese's so that they hit right between her lashes and eyebrows (ask your stylist to do the same). To style, start with a side part. The ends of this seductive fringe should lie flat against your face, not curl in like '80s bangs. So when you blow them out, position your dryer directly above strands while combing them downward with a medium-size flat brush. For soft hold, spritz hair spray on an eyebrow brush, and comb it through to apply. Find out why Reese made our list of best break-up hairstyles ever.

Kristen Stewart's Rock-Star Shag

The shag - a choppy, heavily layered style - was megahot in the '70s. And now that Kristen is sporting it for her role as rocker Joan Jett in The Runaways, it's making a major comeback. Learn how to steal these totally on-trend hairstyles. "The cut's very versatile, and it looks great on everyone," says stylist Sally Hershberger. Tell your stylist to cut lots of layers in all different lengths; just be sure they start below the crown to avoid a mullet. To style, apply a texturizing spray to dry hair, then blow-dry strands for a few seconds, using your fingers to define and separate. The messier it is, the cooler it looks. For the sexy night-out style shown here, twist and pin random above-the-ear pieces.

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