5 Easy Style Resolutions To Try In 2011

By Natalie Matthews, Glamour magazine

Full disclosure: I don't think any part of me actually believed I'd give up chocolate in 2007, but even so, just before 12/31/06, I told all my friends I'd swear off the sweet stuff--which meant we had good reason to ring in the New Year with Ben and Jerry. (Six days later, I broke down over an Andes Mint.) I'm traditionally full of outlandish, outrageously difficult to execute resolutions, so this year, I first and foremost resolve to set my sights on something doable, by focusing on one area of my life: my style...

So, without further ado, here are my style resolutions (totally steal-able, if you want!)

Invest In An Unboring Flat
As you guys know, my leopard print flats pretty much carried me through 2010. So it'd be sort of silly of me not to scoop up another pair of interesting flats (work and party appropriate, naturally) for 2011. And yes, my feet will thank me!

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Compliment A Cute Outfit When I See One
It sounds simple, but sometimes I sorta just ogle for afar (even though I know getting an outfit compliment totally makes my day!) So next year, my philosophy's simple- just say something. Anything. Because nothing takes a great outfit to the next level quite like the wide smile people get when complimented on it.

DIY Something. Just One Thing!
I'm not saying I have to become a glue-gun master by February, but I constantly see projects that look totally doable even for my 7 year old cousin, and then I never follow through. So next year I'm going to DIY something. Just one thing!

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Get Rid of Old Clothes. Even if It's Just a Few!
Realistically, I'm probably not going to be able to purge everything I don't wear from my closet (honestly, seeing those old floral bell-bottoms from 4th grade just makes me smile) but I could definitely stand to shed a few items. And there's plenty of ways to make cash- or donate to a good cause- while kicking your old capris to the curb.

Sign Up For a Few Good Deals Online
Not shopping online would be about as brilliant as my not eating chocolate resolution (which lasted, I think, until January 5th?), so at least I can feel a little better about the habit if I do the research on how to do it right. I think I'll start by putting these 3 sneaky shopping tricks to work.

So what do you think, ladies? They're all totally possible, right? (Which means I have no excuses if I don't live up to 'em!) And what about you, what are your style resolutions? Will you be trying any of these? Discuss!

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