5 Fall Clothing Items You Need to Get Now

Believe it or not, the time has come to start transitioning your wardrobe for fall. The good news: Half the stuff you need is already in your closet. We've picked out the essentials you should already have - and the ones worth picking up today.

1. You Should Have: The Army Jacket

You, your father, your mother, or brother probably already have one of these. Hell, your girlfriend might have stolen yours. You should take it back - the M-65 field jacket is an undisputed classic, and it's never been more appropriate that right now, both for style and for temperature. They only get better with age so your old one - provided you didn't draw flaming skulls on it in high school - is the one you want

Don't have one lurking in your closet? You can get the original from Alpha at soldiercity.com for $99.99.

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2. You Should Get: The Sweatshirt

It's kind of weird to get sweatshirt envy, but it's happened to us. There is something about the perfectly fitting, heathered crewneck sweatshirt in a textured fleece that makes it work with almost anything shy of a suit. And we want one. Designers have taken up the cause, but for our money, J.Crew's version ($54.50) is the best bet.

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3. You Should Have: The Jeans

Man, it has been a scorcher so far this summer, hasn't it? I mean just the idea of wearing jeans is making me sweaty. No thanks. But, as the days get shorter, I go back to mine, the raw denim ones that I've broken in myself. Truth is, I've kind of missed them.

Don't feel like putting in the effort to break in your jeans? That's okay, but you should really try to find a pair with a wash that looks authentic, like this pair from Simon Miller, available at Black Bird Ballard for $348.

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4. You Should Get: The Windbreaker

A good windbreaker is a thing of beauty: simple, utilitarian styling, enough pockets to hold everything you need to take with you, and protection from the elements. We're talking about something to get you through the days and the nights in town or in the country, not the Appalachian Trail, but don't count out this version from cult favorite Supreme ($168). It's got enough high country style and downtown grit to get you through Mother Nature's transition into fall.

5. You Should Have: The Wool Cardigan

Those living under rocks aside, if you've gone shopping in the last five years, chances are you've bought a cardigan, probably in navy. This is a very good thing; navy cardigans are versatile items of clothing. They work very well over a T-shirt or oxford, for that late summer chill in the air. Time to pull it out and pack it for the weekend beach trip.

Simple is best when it come to cardigans, so if you bought a tricked-out one and wish to upgrade, may we suggest one from Band of Outsiders? It'll set you back $324, but it will never go out of style.

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Have a long-lost cardigan hiding in your closet? What are your favorite fall fashion items?


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