5 Fragrances that Take Us Back

The scent of a memory can take you back to that certain time or place, and these throwback fragrances might just have you channeling the Brat Pack. Tell us-did you wear any of these? What is your flashback perfume? Do you still wear it?

Year Introduced: 1988
Family: Floral Oriental
While Rain Man was cleaning up at the Academy Awards, this fragrance was capturing the noses of women everywhere. If you wore this, try Trésor by Lancôme and these other recommendations.


Year Introduced: 1993
Family: Water
This reminds us of standing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush, belting out "Dream Lover" by Mariah Carey.
If you loved Sunflowers, try Issey Miyake Une Goutte de Nuage 2009
and these other matches.


Year Introduced: 1932
Family: Oriental
What a beautiful year-with the addition of this perfume to markets, the births of Patsy Cline and Elizabeth Taylor were also being celebrated.
If Tabu was your go-to fragrance, try Victoria's Secret Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine and these other suitable picks.

ck ONE

Year Introduced: 1994
Family: Citrus
Were you rocking this while listening to the Ace of Base cassette tape? We saw "The Sign," and it opened up our eyes to this androgynous fragrance by Calvin Klein. If this one was your favorite, switch it out and try ck ONE Summer or these other substitutions.

Charlie Red

Year Introduced: 1993
Family: Floral
A lineup of half hour sitcoms like Murphy Brown and Seinfeld had us laughing while this scent kept us happy.
If Charlie Red was your signature sexy scent, try Sunkissed Glo by JLo and these other recommendations.

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