5 Pieces of Clothing Every Mom Needs in an Emergency

bagbagLike a lot of New Yorkers, I completely underestimated the havoc Hurricane Sandy would wreak on the city. I thought it would be windy and rainy and perhaps the lights would flicker, but I didn't really think we would need to evacuate. Boy was I wrong. I was totally unprepared to abandon our apartment.

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I hadn't packed a "go" bag before the storm hit, and when we were finally scurrying to leave, there was no light to see what the heck we needed. We were already weighed down with essentials for my toddler, so I could only bring essential items. But as I sifted through my clothing by candlelight, I realized I didn't even own everything I needed, which were things that were comfy yet could be worn to work if necessary. Live and learn. Next time, I will know exactly what to have on hand if my family has to flee flood waters again. Here are the 5 clothing items every mom needs in an emergency:

Comfy JeansComfy Jeans

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Comfy Jeans

Forget about those skin-tight skinny jeans. You need a pair you can climb up and down however many flights and bend over in if necessary. (Classic Rise Slight Curve Straight Jeans, $58)

Nice TeeNice Tee

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Nice Tee

A really nice, long-sleeved tee can be worn alone or underneath a sweater or blazer. Plus, it's much more comfortable and versatile than a button-up and it's machine washable. (Stretch Suiting Tee, $59.50)

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Versatile PantsVersatile Pants

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Versatile Pants

A nice pair of stretchy slacks is a must. They are comfy, look great, and can be dressed up or down in case you have to head back to work before you are able to return home. (Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant, $89.50)

Cool CardiganCool Cardigan

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Cool Cardigan

A nice, draped cardigan is an easy way to stay warm and easily up the elegance of any outfit. (INC International Concepts Petite Cardigan, $59.50)

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Cute LoaferCute Loafer

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Cute Loafer

Forget the heels. You need a shoe that can work anywhere -- playground, restaurant, work, running around town. A soft-soled shoe is the way to go. (Aerosoles Web Browser Loafers, $59)

What do you pack in your "go" bag?

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Written by Ericka Souter for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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