5 Products You Won't Want to Travel Without

Summer is winding down fast, which means that there's only a few weeks left to get away before fall schedules pick up again. If you're flying to your destination, that most likely means checking your suitcase-and paying for it. Avoid overpacking with these travel-savvy beauty tips to keep your liquid load 3 fluid ounces and under.

Pack Products That Multitask
"Prep your cosmetics bag with easy-to-apply, multitasking makeup," says Jillian Dempsey, Avon Global Creative Color Director and Hollywood Makeup Artist. "My Professional Multi Pencil ($8), has a creamy lip/cheek color and a highlighting eyeshadow all in a dual-ended pencil. The fact that you can get a complete look with one product makes this the perfect traveling companion."

"I pack an inexpensive shampoo like VO5 that lathers well enough to double as a shaving cream," says Real Beauty associate editor Colleen Moody. "And if I leave my favorite fragrance behind, I dab my deodorant on my wrists to get the same effect. Dove has some great light scents like Wild Rose, so it won't make you smell like you took a bath in baby powder."

2. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

"I'm a huge fan of towelettes when on the go," says Alex Mintz, co-founder of the travel-friendly beauty product site 3floz.com. "I use these on the beach, after a workout, and before I reapply makeup since they clean and hydrate at the same time - without leaving behind sticky residue."
$6, target.com

3. My Tagalongs Jet Sets
Being very partial to our own beauty products, we understand if you would rather get thrown into the pool in your best dress than use what's in the hotel room. This set of refillable jars lets you pick what you want to bring and is small enough to fit in your carry-on.
$8, mytagalongs.com

4. Sephora On-the-Go Makeup Palette in Bronze Tones

No need to bring the whole cosmetic counter - this smaller-than-an-iPhone palette includes four lip shades, eight versatile eye shadows, and a bronzer for the perfect summer sun-kissed look.
$15, sephora.com

Getaway time is precious, so risking a cold is not an option. Keep a few packs of this mega vitamin C powder close by and add to water to keep your immune system up and running.
$10 for a box of 30 packets, GNC stores

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