5 Slimming Accessories that Will Hide that Extra Holiday Weight (PHOTOS)

Slimming holiday accessoriesSlimming holiday accessoriesNow that Thanksgiving is over, the holiday battle of the bulge has officially begun. Oh yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about. The pants are a little tighter, you're opting for cozy sweaters, and although you're super excited about that holiday party coming up -- you're dreading slipping into something a little more ... revealing.

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Heck, I'm right there with ya. We've already tackled holiday dresses that hide winter weight, now it's time to talk accessories. Yes, you heard that right. The right accessories can help you look trim this holiday season, and I'm not just talking about a brand new pair of Spanx. Check out 5 slimming accessories to complete your holiday look:

The Right HeelsThe Right Heels

$39, urbanoutfitters.com

The Right Heels

There's nothing I love more than a great pair of heels. Aside from elongating your legs, a great heel pumps up your confidence. These Kimchi Blue Gretel Suede Pumps are on sale, and the fabric makes them perfect for cold weather wear.

A Great ShrugA Great Shrug

$69.95, coldwatercreek.com

A Great Shrug

Want to hide those upper arms? Opt for a cute shrug like this one from Coldwater Creek. I love the faux fur look, especially during the holidays.

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Flawless TightsFlawless Tights

$6.80, forever21.com

Flawless Tights

Keep your stems warm and make 'em feel toned with a great pair of tights. Choose a metallic blend, like these ones from Forever 21, for a sleek, shimmery look.

Beautiful BeltsBeautiful Belts

$14.95, $9.95, H&M

Beautiful Belts

Crank up the volume on your holiday look by adding a great belt. Not only will your frame look slimmer when you cinch your dress at the waist, but it also adds another bit of fun.

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The Perfect EarringsThe Perfect Earrings

$32.99, $25.49, overstock.com

The Perfect Earrings

Wearing larger, long, and more dramatic earrings is a great way to elongate your face and draw attention away from other problem areas of the body. These chandelier earrings from overstock.com are a great choice for a bold, bright look.

Do you think accessories can actually make you look slimmer?

Written by Emily Abbate for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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