5 Things Dads Wear That Embarrass Teens

5 Things Dad's Wear That Embarrass Teens

Dads, we love you. Really. You picked us up when we scraped our knees on the sidewalk, give us great life adivce (even though we ignore it sometimes), and chase off those creeps that break our hearts. Despite all our love, sometimes we just want to cover our faces and pretend you did not just walk out of the house in pants that were unfashionable when you were a kid. I'm not talking 'just-hanging-around-the-house' clothes, I'm talking school functions, family shopping trips, and out to dinner. Here's a list of 5 major offenses to fashion, not to mention our mental sanity.

1. Hawaiian Shirts (and other printed castastrophes)

Hawaii is a beautiful place. Next time, try to keep the scenery from a fun vacay in some pictures, not all over you. And if you've never been to Hawaii and you're wearing these? Well that's just bad. Also included in this item are other printed catastrophes such as your "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" or your "Beer is the reason I get up in the morning" T-shirts. Because that's exactly what you don't need to wear when you meet our teachers.

2. Shorts and Long Socks/ Socks with Sandals

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shorts. But pair them with some calf-high-or-higher socks and you look like you're ready to bring the house down with an epic win at BINGO after some prune whip at the old folks home. This also includes socks and sandals. We may make you feel old, but you're not that old yet.

3. Crocs

Ah, my arch nemesis. Comfortable or not, these shoes are an insult to fashion everywhere. Especially if they're pink. Or orange. Or yellow. Or any color besides black. Don't. Just don't.

4. Ill-Fitting Clothing

Just because you can fit into those jeans you wore in highschool (with the assistance of crisco and fishing wire or not) doesn't mean you should. Muffin tops are just as unattractive on men as they are on women. Alternately, we don't want you looking like a bag lady either. If you can fit not only yourself, but any small kitchen appliances, multiple pillows, or a midget inside any article of clothing you own, it's too big.

5. Hats

This includes obnoxious cowboy hats, novetly hats, beanies, and fishing/camping hats. Even if you are a cowboy clown gangster fishing adventureman, leave the crazy hats at home.

Any other daddy fasion offenses that drive you nutty? Put them in the comments! I'd love to hear them!