5 Tips for Flattering Your Figure With Belts

Think you can't wear belts? Think again - this waist-cinching wonder will bring new definition to all figure types.
Photo Credit: Studio DPhoto Credit: Studio D
1. Look Clean-Cut by Cinching Your Waist
It's amazing how a simple belt can totally modify an outfit. With the quick closing of a buckle, almost anything you wear is instantly pulled together, and you suddenly look slimmer. And we're not just talking about the basic leather piece used to hold up pants (although those are great to have, too!). If a wide-cut piece like a sash or obi emphasizes your waist, it'll do the trick.

2. Look at Belts in a New Light

When worn out of the belt loops of your pants, they can go over nearly everything. Cinch a bulky sweater, a slouchy tee, or a billowing blouse. Even try it over your coat for a more tailored look.

Photo Credit: Davies + StarPhoto Credit: Davies + Star
3. Cinch in the Right Place
Wearing your belt on your true waist (as opposed to the top of your pants) will create a feminine hourglass silhouette. A low-slung belt over jeans or a dress can be cool and casual.

4. Show Off New Trends - Subtly
Pick a piece in the color, print, or trend du jour (like studs or buckles) and get a touch of the latest style without buying a whole new outfit. Easy, and less expensive!

5. Substitute a Belt for Jewelry
A loose chain that hangs low can add a touch of glitz in an understated way. Don't pile on the necklaces when going this route - it'll detract attention from your waist.

What accessories do you use to slim down the look of an outfit?

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