5 Ways to Make Your Summer Clothes Work for Fall (PHOTOS)

clothesclothesRaise your hand if you wish you could go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each time the seasons change. If your hand is firmly flyin' in the air like mine, let's talk it out. A brand spankin' new closet is, unfortunately, not in the cards for me. I'll splurge for a few fall staples -- new boots, a few new sweaters -- but other than that, this season is all about working with what I've got. And what I've got is a closet full of summer clothes.

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All wishing aside, I'll admit I live in a place called Reality and it just don't happen like that here. So it's back to the drawing board: How to make a summer wardrobe work for fall ... and honestly, the solution to my style woes is pretty damn simple. So easy, in fact, that I've got five secrets that'll make the summer-to-fall transition such a cinch you'll be jumping in amazement. Ready to see? Take a look ...

Match a Maxi Dress With a SweaterMatch a Maxi Dress With a Sweater

Images via Urban Outfitters, Forever21

Match a Maxi Dress With a Sweater

September and early October are easily two of my favorite months for wearing maxi dresses (Go Make Noise Slub Knit Maxi Dress from Urban Outfitters, $59.00). A fix for the cooler weather? A stand-out sweater (Longline Crochet Sweater from Forever21, $17.80). If your maxi is patterned, stick to a neutral top or vice versa.

Add Tights to Summery ShortsAdd Tights to Summery Shorts

Images from Urban Outfitters, Wal*Mart

Add Tights to Summery Shorts

Shorts (BDG 5-Pocket Short from Urban Outfitters, $29.00) are a year-round thing. Keep the look fall-appropriate by adding tights (MUK LUKS - Microfiber Tights from Wal*Mart, $13.87) so your legs don't feel the chill. If you want a funky look, opt for printed, geometric, or colorful tights to add some flair to your look.

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Warm Up a Summer Dress With BootsWarm Up a Summer Dress With Boots

Images via ModCloth, DSW

Warm Up a Summer Dress With Boots

There is no such thing as 'summer dresses' (Jenny Jump-Up Dress from ModCloth, $47.99) for me. I don't have a budget that supports a new closet for each season. Get the look to work 365 days out of the year for you too by making adjustments. Boots (Madden Girl Snappy Western Boot from DSW, $65.95) are a simple fix and high enough to keep your toes warm. Bonus? You can wear SOCKS.

Keep Crop Pants Cool With PumpsKeep Crop Pants Cool With Pumps

Images via ModCloth, Forever21

Keep Crop Pants Cool With Pumps

Don't throw your cropped khakis (New Slack Swing Pants in Khaki from ModCloth, $37.99) to the back of the drawer with the rest of the summer clothes. Instead, play up the look and add some height to your frame. Comfortable pumps (Cone Heel Pumps from Forever21, $22.80) give a touch of style and this outfit works all season long.

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Pair a Sleeveless Tank With a BlazerPair a Sleeveless Tank With a Blazer

Images via Gap, J.Crew

Pair a Sleeveless Tank With a Blazer

To hell with sleeveless tanks for winter, right? Wrong. Style your tank (Roll-Sleeve Tie-Dye Stripe Tank from Gap, $14.99) with a blazer (Hacking Jacket in Herringbone from J.Crew, $228.00) that'll make it work for fall. Try colorblocking by using shades that complement each other. Otherwise, stick to neutrals for a basic but fashionable look.

How do you make the change of the seasons work for you?

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Written by Kylie McConville for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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