5 New Ways to Wear a Belt

My boyfriend always wears a belt. I, on the other hand, do not. I own one belt that just sits in my closet, mocking my fashion confidence every time I look at it. The truth is … I don't know how to wear one. Yes, you can put it through the belt loops, but what else? What if your outfit doesn't have loops? Or maybe you want to wear one of those low-slung belts? And when should you wear a skinny belt vs. a wide one? So many questions.

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Enter FIDM student, and up-and-coming stylist, Nadine Silvestre. I went to her with this problem, and she quickly put together a ton of belted looks. Plus, Nadine used almost every kind of belt available: neon, cinched, braided, metallic, studded (see the looks right here). Since I know I'm not the only one out there with this, ahem, problem, I decided to share some Nadine's looks. Scroll down to see my top five, or click here for all 12 looks.

Triple Up

If one belt just isn't enough to feed your thirst for accessories, Silvestre says to double or triple-up. "Mixing belts creates interest in an outfit that's kind of plain. In this case you can totally mix neon, metallic, and plain skinny belts for a completely fun and funky style," she says. This definitely gives new meaning to a triple-threat.

Bright Pops of Color

This spring's neon trend is the perfect way to take this look from dorky to delightful. "It felt like the neon pink added femininity and color to the feel of the outfit, which is slightly boyish. [The belt] really brightens everything up," Silvestre says. Coupled with those adorable white wedges? We couldn't agree more.

Stud It Up

This spring's floral pattern, while adorable, can look slightly childish if not done the right way. To avoid looking like a kindergarten dropout, shake up your print with a rock-n-roll belt. "I wanted to add more edge to a conservative look. A rocker accessory gives you a better balance," Silvestre recommends. With the combination of girly girl and rocker chick, this outfit easily goes from the office to happy hour with friends.

Get Defined

Oversized clothing can be really cute (and comfy), but you don't want to drown in fabric. A simple fix for eliminating bulk and adding curves is wearing a belt. "A simple woven belt over a flowing dress really emphasizes the shape and creates the illusion of a waist," Silvestre says. Bonus: You get the look of a trim tummy without ever breaking a sweat.

The Chain Gang

If you're sick of traditional styles, avoid the belt section and try on something different -- bandanas, ribbon, and even jewelry. "If you want to get a completely unique look, check out the accessories department where something like an extra-long necklace or chunky bracelet can double as a belt. This chain was originally sold as a pendant, but I use it as a belt, and it makes a simple outfit very glamorous," Silvestre says.

Click here to see the rest of the belt looks. Then, tell me: What's your favorite type of belt? Do you wear one everyday? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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