6 Epic Costume Ideas from the Queen of Halloween (Guess Who?)

Over the years, Martha has both spooked and delighted audiences and readers with her creative Halloween costumes. Which one do you find most appealing -- or appalling?

Fairy GrandMartha

Martha and crafts editor Marcie McGoldrick's vision for the 2013 Halloween special issue came together perfectly as a delightful dream world where Fairy GrandMartha takes center stage.


Martha graced the cover of our 2011 Halloween special issue as a Motha, the winged wonder. Inspired by a vintage illustration and pieces from Alexander McQueen collections, she wore a cape, faux-fur collar, blonde bob wig, and beautiful butterfly lashes.

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Spellbinding Sorceress

Bedecked in crystals and stars for the cover of "The Best of Martha Stewart: Halloween Handbook," Martha radiates spectral sophistication as a spellbinding sorceress.

Ghostly Equestrienne

With reddened eyes, a ghostly pallor, and her midnight steed Rutger by her side, Martha was instantly transformed into a haunted horsewoman for the cover of the 2009 Halloween issue.

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Martha transformed into a creepy Glampire for the "Bad Things" cover of the 2007 Halloween issue and season 3 of the show. Martha's dramatic cape was made from black silk woven with metallic threads. Fasten it to a black dress with safety pins, and slip on long satin gloves. Martha's stylist, Eva Scrivo, trimmed a black wig into textured layers, then gave Martha a pale face, dark eye makeup, and -- fittingly -- blood-red lips.

Golden Goddess

Draped in a diaphanous wrap of gauzy silk-organza strips and wearing golden leaves in her hair, Martha became a stunning Golden Goddess for the "Good Things" cover of the 2007 Halloween issue.

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