6 Hot Summer Hats that Will Keep You Cool (PHOTOS)

straw hatstraw hatI think I should have been born to a different generation. Maybe the '40s or '50s -- during the height of awesome style. I'm obsessed with the prints, the frocks, the floppy hats, the fabrics, and the way women were admired and respected for their curvaceous figures. Ah, it was a beautiful thing.

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But since we can't go back in time (damn it!), lucky for us that fashion recycles regularly. Most of the looks I drool over from yesteryear are making an appearance today -- which includes stunning one-piece bathing suit designs and yep, you guessed it: Sun hats. When I think of time well spent at the beach, I picture a cloudless sky, a big drink, and gorgeous, shady straw hat to read under.

Backyard dwellers and beach goers alike, it's high time we took a hint from the hat styles of days old with these six sunny caps made for summer. Take a look.

Striped Sun HatStriped Sun Hat

Image via Urban Outfitters

Striped Sun Hat

This summer sun hat is perfect for an afternoon of gardening or a day spent on the boat. It's loose and lets your head breathe, plus you won't have to worry about a sunburn.

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Straw FedoraStraw Fedora

Image via Forever21

Straw Fedora

Your choice: wear it at the beach or wear it to a backyard party. Pair this hat with loose, beachy waves or pin straight locks and a peachy pink lip shade.

Cloche CapCloche Cap

Image via Target

Cloche Cap

Remember how much you hated your mother for even suggesting you wear a bonnet? Yeah, not anymore! The detailing on this cap is simple and sophisticated -- and best when you wear it with a neutral frock or shorts and a blouse.

Conductor HatConductor Hat

Image via Target

Conductor Hat

If you're not a girly-girl or just prefer a fitted hat with a brim, conductor hats are awesome for summer and pretty much every other season. Wear it turned toward the side and match it with a shimmery eye shadow so your feminine features really pop.

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Bucket HatBucket Hat

Image via Old Navy

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are not just for little babes! Put it on for an afternoon of fun, sun, and sand castle construction. But if you think the blue is too eye bright, flip it inside out for a lighter, softer look.

Straw Sun HatStraw Sun Hat

Image via Gap

Straw Sun Hat

Yes -- the ultimate straw floppy sun hat! You'll look stylish and shady in this oversized hat. It's the perfect way to add a little glam to your garden party outfit or keep you cool at the beach.

Do you wear hats to stay in the shade for summer?

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Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

Written by Kylie McConville for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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