7 Crazy Sexy New Year's Eve Hairstyle Ideas

by Petra Guglielmetti

Wavy and pulled partially back (Getty Images)Wavy and pulled partially back (Getty Images)
December 27, time to hit up the after-Christmas sales and exchange the flannel jammies your aunt bought you for a sexy sequined New Year's top--and I'm already on top of researching equally festive hairstyle ideas for you. Here are some of my favorites for New Year's 2014!

1. Wavy and pulled partially back--using hairpins or little braids or twists
Getty ImagesGetty Images

Getty ImagesGetty Images

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2. Up in a high braid
Getty ImagesGetty Images

3. Or swept into a really loose, messy braid
Getty ImagesGetty Images

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4. Sleekly parted, then tucked back
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Getty ImagesGetty Images

What hairstyle will YOU be wearing on New Year's, do you think?

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