7 Easy Tips to Look Thinner Today!

No time to diet? Check out these smart and simple hints.
- Susan Toepfer, BettyConfidential.com
Charla Krupp never has to ask, Do I look fat in this? Her whole approach to dressing is to minimize the pounds. "I believe in a healthy diet and exercise. I love spin class!" says the bestselling author and style expert. "But I also know how much difference the right clothes can make." In her new book, How To Never Look Fat Again (Springboard), Charla shares quick dress-thin tips for every figure problem.

Thinner at the gym: First, toss those bike shorts! "Nobody looks good in [those] shorts," Charla stresses. Go for a chic, flattering yoga pant, either capri or ankle-length. (Or go for knee-length as Sarah Jessica Parker does above.) And forget about the oversize tee: "That makes you look shapeless. Instead, wear a 'shimmel' top, a stretch top with a bra built in, which covers the midriff and keeps you comfortably sleeveless." If you're larger than a C cup, Charla suggests a more form-fitting T-shirt and a sports bra that give you enough support. To lengthen the leg, wear socks that don't show above your shoe. Still don't feel thin? "Layer a sweat jacket or fitted hoodie over the outfit."

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Thinner for a first date: If it's casual, Charla swears by a great pair of fitted jeans (try to avoid the embellishments), paired with a V-neck top or sweater (as Christina Hendricks wears above) that pulls attention toward the face. In the summer, try white jeans and a sweater or tank top paired with a cute jacket. "Add a great belt if you're thin enough."

For a big night out, Charla recommends "a shirt dress with ¾ or long sleeves, which can cover all kinds of problems, including muffin top and Buddha belly!" A minimalist A-line dress also works to conceal bulges. While you're at it, invest in opaque tights that go up to your bra band. "And always wear a heel," Charla says. "It instantly subtracts pounds."

Thinner for a romantic evening: Wearing a monochromatic look (as Jennifer Hudson does above) is very slimming, but Charla says, "If it's summer, bare your legs. But unlike Mo'Nique, you've got to shave! " You also want to feel good under your clothes - moisturize your body, make sure there are no cracks in your heels. To get your legs looking shiny and perfect, Charla recommends leg makeup or self-tanning. But if you self-tan, she says, "it takes a little advance prep - do it the night before."
Thinner at work: An A-line dress or pants (as Amy Adams wears above) with a jacket over it looks professional "but not suit-y," Charla says. "Add some jewelry - hoop earrings or a statement necklace. Anything to get the attention away from where you don't want it!"

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Instant thinner butt: As Beyonce knows, it all comes down to undercover shapewear (like Spanx bodyshorts and leggings). But be sure to try on different styles. Says Charla, "What you want is shape, definition and lifting. What you wear underneath is 50 percent of looking thin." What don't you want? "Skinny bikini underwear isn't going to help. You also can't wear [plain white cotton] granny panties."
Instant thinner tummy: Too much ice cream? Think tunic! "Just make sure it's not too full or too long - especially if you're petite," Charla says. "Otherwise, it will drown you out." She also likes jersey tops with ruching (follow Hilary Duff's lead), which hides the whole middle area. "There are also some designs that are strategically brilliant," Charla says, "such as a black panel in the middle, colors on the side."
Instant smaller boobs: "Most women are walking around in the wrong bra," Charla says, "and women also think their bras will last forever. They don't. Get bra-fitted. Nothing makes you look fatter than big, saggy boobs." If you're large, skip any top with buttons, because they will emphasize your breasts. Follow Kate Winslet's example (above) with a simple neckline. And watch your V-neck, especially at work. If you find a dress you love, but it dips way too low, Charla suggests a lacy camisole underneath.

Tell us: Do you have a trick for looking thinner?

Susan Toepfer is a freelance writer and editor based in New York City. Follow Susan on The Bumpy Ride .

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