7 Simple Style Swaps for a Sexier Wardrobe

fashionfashionAs fun as fashion is, ladies, let's just all agree that it's complicated. I have the endless "how should I wear my hair ... and what about my makeup?" debate every time I get ready. In the world of vogue, there are those who play it safe ... and those who kick their style sense up a notch.

I'm one of those girls who dreams of taking her wardrobe to extremes -- give me studded belts and sky-high heels any day in my fantasies -- but who usually goes more conservative instead. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. On my pint-sized budget, it's hard to justify collecting a closet full of bold, edgy prints and colorblocked jeans.

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Truth is, you don't need drawers full of daring outfits to bring out your inner sex kitten. All it takes are a few simple touches to make your same old clothes say "Me-ow!" Wish someone would have told me that before I bought that studded dress ...

What are some easy style changes you make to your outfits to make them more va-va-va-voom?

Sexy Cut-OutSexy Cut-Out

Image via Urban Outfitters

Sexy Cut-Out

Show a little skin in a daring cut-out dress like this. It's enough to make a statement without feeling too flashy or risque. But if you want a simplier way to show it all, try baring your shoulders or your neck first.

Bold PrintBold Print

Image via Loft

Bold Print

A bold, eye-catching print is an easy way to get yourself noticed. But you can wear it whichever way makes you feel pretty -- in dresses, tops, skirts, cardigans, or pants, or for a more subtle touch, accent an outfit with printed flats or jewelry.

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Playful PatternsPlayful Patterns

Image via Madewell

Playful Patterns

A pattern that's softer -- like polka dots, florals, and stripes -- gives off that innocent glow. You'll look playful, flirty, and fun, and it's a delicate way to incorporate some chic into your getup.

Sheer BlouseSheer Blouse

Image via Banana Republic

Sheer Blouse

Show. It. Off! Sheer fabrics go a LONG way and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. You'll look professional and classy, but you can add a little bit of funk to your look by pairing sheers with neon accessories.

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Edgier LooksEdgier Looks

Image via Urban Outfitters

Edgier Looks

The trick to an edgier look is finding something that's age appropriate. If you want to separate yourself from what your fashion sense once was, try something in the opposite direction like a deep V-cut or an elastic waist.

Higher HeelsHigher Heels

Image via Forever21

Higher Heels

Maybe these booties aren't for you, or maybe they are. The point is to try something DIFFERENT and make sure it includes a heel -- not three inches and up, just enough to elongate those killer gams. A woman in heels just exudes confidence. It's an easy way to fake it!

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Sexier SkirtSexier Skirt

Image via Urban Outfitters

Sexier Skirt

High-low hemming is big this season and super feminine without being over-the-top. Sexing up your style doesn't mean only shopping for frame-hugging fits. Try this look if you haven't already -- we dare you! -- and pair it with some of your simpler wardrobe staples.

Top image via Jason Hargrove/Flickr

Written by Kylie McConville for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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