7 Tricks to Get Your Guy to Upgrade His Style

Help your guy step-up his style game with these tips.Help your guy step-up his style game with these tips.Sure, you don't want to be shallow, but sometimes your guy isn't living up to his full fashion potential. We called up stylist Brad Goreski, star of It's a Brad Brad World to walk us through ways to get your man to up his style game-without hurting his feelings.

By Emma Barker

1. Be a Giver
Start small and subtle. Get him a gift of something you'd love to see him in, like a thinner tie or some slimmer cut jeans.

2. Stay Positive
Never make it about him looking bad in the clothes he has. Instead, tell him how hot he looks when he's in something you like.

3. Get Fit
The biggest problem with modern guys' style is fit. Most shirts and suits are too big. Jeans are usually hemmed too short and they're too wide in the leg. If you can't get him to ditch the weird orange shirts, at least get him to start buying the right size.

4. Suit Up
If you really want to invest in his looks, give him a suit for a formal occasion. Inviting him to a big family wedding? Offer to split the cost with him and go with to the fittings to make sure they cut it more European style (read: fitted) than a roomy cut.

5. Make it a Day Date
Get him to go shopping with you, and don't get carried away. Make it fun, low pressure, and only go to two stores.

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6. Get Your Girlfriends in On It
Don't bad-mouth your man behind his back, but if your pals know his style's lacking, get them to compliment his new look. Once he starts getting a positive response from people, it becomes addictive.

7. Add Some Color
Are you dating a bland dresser? Start him on color with a super simple colored sweater that can go over any shirt. Then ramp it up with button-ups and ties.

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