8 Holiday Dresses that Hide the Weight You Gain Doing All that Eating

Ann Taylor holiday dressAnn Taylor holiday dressFall, winter, and I have a love/hate relationship. I oh-so-love the chilly season's beautiful scenery, absolutely adore all the eggnog filled holiday corniness, and man do I look forward to my dad's loaded sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving and grandma's tri-layer Italian Christmas cookies. But ahhh, there lies my problem. Colder months and my waistline, well, they don't always get along. At all.

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All those special occasions, work parties, holiday parties, parties just because we have nothing else to do and it's cold outside -- they tend to involve a whole lot of extra eating and drinking and, as a result, adding a few pounds.

So what's a frustrated, bigger (if only slightly) fashionista to do when it's time to get holiday fancy? Don't fret my fellow seasonal indulgers, there are loads of great dresses out there perfect for holiday fun that can conceal your trouble spots. Here are 8 holiday dresses that hide the weight you gain doing all that eating:

Long sleeve eleganceLong sleeve elegance

$188, anthropologie.com

Long sleeve elegance

Feeling eh about your arms? Opt for a long sleeve style like this Coined Silk Shift from Anthropologie. The belted waist is totally shape-flattering.

Knee length perfectionKnee length perfection

$49.25, asos.com

Knee length perfection

This long dress is classy, easy to dress up with some great accessories, and a great length if you're looking to stay away from anything too short. The best part? It comes in an awesomely festive green and black, too.

Casually festiveCasually festive

$34.95, H&M

Casually festive

This loose-fitting dress is absolutely adorable, and I can't get over how beautiful the lace is (and at such a great price). Get fancy, pair with sparkly tights, and you're in business.

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Feeling sparklyFeeling sparkly

$117.60, macys.com

Feeling sparkly

Every woman deserves to shine during the holiday season, even if you're feeling a little frumpy. This sparkly number by Jessica Simpson has a great high waistline and quarter sleeves to flatter many different shapes.

A holiday illusionA holiday illusion

$138, anntaylor.com

A holiday illusion

Channel your inner Kate Winslet and Kris Jenner by rockin' this illusion style dress at your next holiday party. The white detailing around the waist and arms is a figure-flattering addition for sure.

Lady in redLady in red

$23.99, landsend.com

Lady in red

Holy bargain! This red dress is perfect for holiday mingling with its high-waist and deep rich color. It's also available in an emerald green and blue.

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A stylish shimmerA stylish shimmer

$48, francescascollections.com

A stylish shimmer

Another high-waisted beauty. I could totally see this gold shimmer number paired with a cozy black shrug and some dark tights.

A Christmas classicA Christmas classic

$69, urbanoutfitters.com

A Christmas classic

Of course, if all else fails, you could just throw all rules out the window and wear something like this. Turning an ugly Christmas sweater into a semi-stylish dress? Urban Outfitters, you never fail to surprise me.

What do you look for in the perfect holiday dress?

Top image via Ann Taylor

Written by Emily Abbate for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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