8 Weirdest and Wackiest Prom Dresses EVER

8 Weirdest and Wackiest prom dresses8 Weirdest and Wackiest prom dressesProm is right around the corner. While some gals (and guys) will be looking to the fashion magazines like Vogue, or to stylish celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, or to the newest hot trends for their style inspiration, others will be inspired by something completely different like candy wrappers, duct tape, or Twilight.

Over the years, teenagers have challenged the regular standard-issue prom gown idea. They have created homespun creations that are truly one-of-a-kind. Some are wacky, others are weird, and some are, well, wonderful.

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Check out the 8 weirdest and wackiest prom dresses ever right here:

The Starburst DressThe Starburst Dress1. The Starburst Dress

For her school's "Candyland" theme prom, Tara Frey and her mom created the Starburst wrapper dress which they made by folding each wrapper, "eight times and pressed with a tweezers for a tight weave." Now that is some commitment.

Anime Duct Tape DressAnime Duct Tape Dress2. Anime Duct Tape Dress

Now this is a duct tape masterpiece. Especially when you factor in the detail work of the illustrations of the little girl and boy. Seriously hardcore.

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The Bubble Wrap DressThe Bubble Wrap Dress3. The Bubble Wrap Dress

Pretty cool, but it would probably get annoying when people would come up to you are start bursting your bubbles.

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The Doritos DressThe Doritos Dress4. The Doritos Dress
The snack loving gal wore a dress made up of recycled Dorito bags. Let's hope nobody got the munchies and tried to grab one of her bags.

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Geeky Get-upGeeky Get-up5. Geeky Get-ups

Taking the duct tape challenge further, this couple made a circuitry statement in their outfits. And by the grins on their faces, they were pretty proud of their prom presence.

Read my DressRead my Dress6. Read My Dress

This is an affordable option to all those prom dresses that cost hundreds of dollars - it's a dress made of newspapers. It's actually pretty damn awesome.

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WarholWarhol7. Warhol

This couple apparently love some Andy Warhol. The two wore outfits with half of Andy's face on them, but it must have been kind of annoying having to stand side by side all night. And extra points for the girls banana purse.

Promin' in the RainPromin' in the Rain8. Promin' in the Rain

Wow. All I have to say is wow. This matching set of outfits are big, bold and oddly beautiful.

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