It’s a Clutch… No, It’s a Boom Box!

It looks like a clutch, but it's not!It looks like a clutch, but it's not!

Rebecca Minkoff really knows how to get the party started. She recently designed four clutches that encase speakers (yes, you read that right), for the brand Stellé Audio Couture.

By Carly Cardellino

Available for $400 each at, you'd never guess that these chic Rebecca Minkoff for Stellé Audio Couture "Clutches" were actually speakers. Cool, right?

However, there is just one minor downfall: Don't even think about popping your lipgloss right next to the volume button, because girl, there ain't room for anything else in these cool-girl clutches other than the mini music maker.

But, if you usually bring the noise to whatever soiree, bash, par-tay you attend, we assure you this "clutch" is right up your alley. So, we say go for it!

Will you soon be popping and locking to the sounds coming from your purse?

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