It’s Happening: The Kardashians Are Launching a Line of Kids’ Fashion

By Meghan Blalock, StyleCaster

The Kardashian's launch a children's lineBack in December 2012, as soon as news broke that Kim Kardashian was pregnant, speculation began flying that the Kardashian Klan might eventually start their own branded line of children's clothing. And it would seem that such speculation was quite educated after all, as that is precisely what's currently in the works.

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We stumbled upon the Instagram account @kardashian_kids, which to date has three photos teasing what appears to be a photo shoot with a bunch of little tykes wearing leopard print outfits courtesy of #KardashianKids. "Coming soon… #kardashiankids," reads one caption. "One of our adorable models, Zolie, getting her curls primped for the shoot!," reads another. While this kind of profile could be relatively easily faked, it's confirmed by this recent Instagram post from Kris Jenner herself. This is actually happening, people.

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From what we can tell so far, it seems that the line is comprised mainly of miniature leopard print getups, some girly butterfly prints, and a ballerina-inspired tutu look. And considering that Kim recently stated that she would "love to have a million kids," we fully expect more to come from this debut collection.

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