“Who Wore it Best” Has Become Degrading and Mean

Kim Kardashian and Charlize Theron in the same yellow dress"Who wore it best" polls are incredibly popular online, and we'll admit we've even included them on Shine from time to time. The point of them, we believe, is to vote on which celebrity did the better job in terms of styling. To decide who knew the best way to accessorize and flatter their skin tone, hair, and yes, their body type. But that's where things start to get ugly. Especially in the comments section.

In the latest fashion showdown, E! Online pit Kim Kardashian, a very curvy 5'2" reality star who is currently pregnant, up against Charlize Theron, a statuesque 5'10" former model. Both women were spotted in the same yellow floral peplum dress by Stella McCartney and they similarly accessorized with nude heels, red lipstick, and sleek hair. With no real noteworthy sartorial differences, the question changes from "who wore it best" to who has the hotter body. Given her slim-and-tall physique, Theron looks like she's ready to walk down a runway or star in a high fashion ad, while Kim Kardashian's full figure shows us a more everyday woman approach. it's really a matter of personal preference. But Judging by the comments, this is more than a popularity contest. It's also an opportunity shoot down a woman because she defies the virtually impossible physical standards that exist in fashion and in Hollywood.

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian's public persona, but dissing the way her body looks in a perfectly lovely dress is mean. Yet 99% of the comments on E!s blog post are unrightfully cruel and not worth repeating. It's so easy to post hateful comments on the internet, but you know what's easier? Saying nothing at all. Enough already with the body shaming and unfairly pitting two women against each other. It's degrading and we're over it.

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