9 Most Outrageous Perfume Scents EVER

We dug up some questionable fragrances - yes, real perfumes on the market - that only the bold would actually spray on their skin. Really, would you want to smell like...


Serious question: Who, besides Dwight Schrute, would wear this cologne? demeterfragrance.com

Bodily Fluids

Blood, sweat, spit...semen?! That's precisely what some French perfumers wanted this "raw" fragrance to evoke. Points for creativity, but we'll pass on any product with secretions in its name.

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Remember the Harry Potter-inspired Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans, which came in flavors like Vomit and Earwax? This is worse. demeterfragrance.com

This scent is all fun and games until you realize you smell like a nursery-schooler.

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A Whopper
Mmm, this Burger King body spray really captures the essence of flame-broiled meat.

Do not inhale: This smells awfully similar to that suspicious odor that was constantly wafting from your college neighbors' apartment.

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Blue Cheese
Sorry, manufacturers of this product, but the following conversation will never, ever take place: "Oooh, who is wearing that deliciously moldy scent?" "Oh, that's me! Doesn't it smell amazing?" "Yes! And sort of like curdled milk, but more pungent! I need to buy some immediately!"

We didn't know earthworms had a smell.

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Leaving us speechless: Vulva Original. We don't want to think about what it smells like.
Would you dare to wear any of these scents? What's your favorite "normal" perfume?

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