9 Ways to Style Your Boyfriend Jeans

Work those boyfriend jeans!Work those boyfriend jeans!The first time I saw a pair of boyfriend jeans was at a Target in California. This was three years ago and the girl wearing them looked so terribly cute that I snuck a stealth cell phone shot for deep analyzing later. For a girl with shorter legs and wider hips, I knew I really needed to consider all the angles involved if I was going to jump on board with this trend. You know what I mean?

Thanks to a pair of maternity jeans that weren't boyfriend jeans, I feel like I'm ready to start styling my own boyfriend jean looks. It's not rocket science… I mean, certainly of all the trends going right now boyfriend jeans are probably the most relaxed and easy to pull off.

I present unto you 9 easy ways to look cool in boyfriend jeans:

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Leopard PrintLeopard PrintLeopard Print
Leopard print will always be trendy. You can dress it up with black slacks or down with your boyfriend jeans. The spots and khaki-colored shade pairs perfectly with a blue wash.
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Nude HeelsNude HeelsNude Heels
Nude heels automatically elongate your legs, undoing some of the bulk that this cut of jean is automatically going to give you a couple of inches.
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Oh, pearls!Oh, pearls!Pearls
The interplay between the boyish jeans and the lady-like strand of pearls is très chic. Let's be honest, layering pearls on anything automatically makes any outfit chic!
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Will Kim Kardashian ever look bad in anything? She pulled off the structured blazer look well and perfectly wore a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans without making this outfit look too professional.
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A clutch adds a feminine touch to the boyish boyfriend jeans look -- much like adding pearl necklaces! It gives an element of surprise and softness against the ruggedness of jeans.
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Laced-Up BootsLaced-Up BootsLaced-Up Boots
I know it's the summertime and reading "boots" is just as dreadful as wearing them in the heat. But the model in this photo looks simply fashionable and gorgeous. Try this look with a light tank top instead!
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Baseball CapBaseball CapBaseball Cap
Home run! Baseball caps are trending for a couple of months now. Again, because the boyfriend jeans naturally look loose and, well, like your man's jeans, adding a pair of heels, a nice blazer, and then that cap is a game-winning look.
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Half-tucked TeeHalf-tucked TeeHalf-Tucked Tee
Tucking in your loose tee and adding a thick belt maintains the casual and cool look -- not to mention, comfort! This is my favorite go-to look of the season. Don't forget to add accessories like bangles and statement necklaces!
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- By Natalie Holbrook
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