A Choppy Bob --Perfect Summer Style For All Hair Types

By Stylist Anastasia Nam for GalTime.com

One of the trendiest styles for summer is a choppy bob. Choppy bobs give you texture and interest. With a bit of volumizing mousse and styling paste your can create trendy and chic styles while staying cool at the same time.

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A shorter hairstyle is the perfect answer to all of your summer activities. You will look great right out of the pool or at the beach. You can wear your style with or without bangs. Right now heavy bangs are trendy, but wispy bangs might be a better choice in the hot summer weather. One of the great things about a choppy bob is the great variety of styling options it gives you.

If you have thick wavy hair, a choppy bob will free your natural waves and give you an almost carefree style. Thin hair responds well to a choppy bob because the layers will give you more volume. Even very straight hair looks good in this style. It is one of the few cuts that look good and are suitable for almost all hair textures and thicknesses.

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Consider adding punches of color for the summer. You can opt for contrasting colors such as dark chocolate lowlights in blonde hair. You might also consider big chunky blonde highlights on dark hair.

For a really on trend look try some mahogany, orange, russet, pink, blue or green strands. These can be throughout your hair or underneath for a peek-a-boo effect. Shades of red and pink or orange is another hot look for the season.

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No matter how adventurous or subtle you want to go, your stylist can help you to decide on a look that will fit your hair and lifestyle. Keep cool this summer and look great with a choppy bob.

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