A Summer Product that I can't Live Without

The summers in the Midwest, I would argue, are the worst in the country! One day it can be a crazy-black thunderstorm complete with hail and tornado warnings, followed by days of high humidity, 110 heat indexes, and not even a slight breeze. Curling your hair is not an option. Keeping your hair straight -- yeah, right!. And most of all, keeping a shine-free face is the biggest hurdle.

For the past 3 years, I've religiously used Biore's Triple Action Astringent after I wash my face. It TIGHTENS and CLEANS and REDUCES PORE SIZE. It's amazing. At around $8 for a bottle, that will last you 4-6 months, you just can't beat it!

There is nothing better than after a sweaty day of working/playing/enjoying the outdoors, to take a shower and afterward, while my face is still tingling from the warm water, to rub in this astringent. I just feel so CLEAN!

During the summer, I get so much oil build-up throughout the day. So much so, that I used to keep face powder and oil blotting papers at my desk! I wash my face twice a day in the summer and use this astringent each and every time. My oil build-up was easily cut in half, if not all the way. No more blackheads. Only sparing pimples, no where near the massive 3-4-5-or-6 pimple breakouts I used to get!

I swear by this product. And regardless of if/when I change face cleaners or facial moisturizers, I always stay true to Biore's Triple Action Astringent. :)