Abercrombie & Fitch, The Jersey Shore, and 10 Other Brand Breaks-Ups with Famous People

Abercrombie & Fitch announced they would pay the cast of MTV's The Jersey Shore to stop wearing their clothing. But this isn't the first time a brand and a famous customer have gone their separate ways. Some favorites:

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1. Jay-Z stopped drinking Cristal champagne after the company criticized hop-hop stars.

2. Michael Jackson once came under fire with Pepsi when his hair went ablaze during the soda company's sponsored tour.

3. There was Kathie Lee Gifford and the people of Honduras, where her clothing was made in sweat-shop factories.

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4. Latrell Sprewell lost his Converse endorsement deal after he chocked his coach.

5. Burberry went after The Chavs, a group of Brits who's icon was David Beckham. The brand didn't want to associate their clothing with them.

6. Where does O.J. Simpson rent cars these days? Definitely not Hertz, who yanked his sponsorship during his scandal.

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7. Kobe Bryant: McDonald's, Sprite, and Nutella, apparently, who all pulled his campaigns after the basketball player's scandal.

8. Tiger Woods and just about everybody, following his scandal last year.

9. Tom Petty says Michelle Bachmann isn't allowed to play his song, "American Girl" at her rallies.

10. And Tommy Hilfiger? It's not true that he sent a racist e-mail, even though many people still believe that scandal.


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