According to Anne: 4 Spring Accessories to Love Right Now

By Anne Christensen, Glamour magazine

What I'm loving right now is something mini and red, mixed with gold. Hi, I'm the new executive fashion director of Glamour, and I L-O-V-E this photo from our May 1970 issue. Take a look at it--and a few other fashionable gems--after the jump.

I'm always looking through old issues of Glamour for inspiration, and this crisp T-shirt dress knocked me out. You could see a woman wearing it today and not think that she looks "retro" at all!

To me, this image is all about casual chic. The dress is wearable but glamorous in red, set off by the canvas bag and leather necklace. It's sexy and relaxed-and isn't that how we all want to look?

A Canvas Bag

Reed Krakoff bag ($1,190, Reed Krakoff boutiques, 877-733-3525)Reed Krakoff bag ($1,190, Reed Krakoff boutiques, 877-733-3525)
I love the ones with buckles-they toughen it up.

Something Gold

TenThousandThings necklaceTenThousandThings necklace
A Cool Watch

Cartier watch Cartier watch
I'm not a girly girl-a slim leather strap is sexy and bold without being cutesy.

An All-Summer Shoe

J.Crew flats ($98, flats ($98,
Every woman needs a talisman, whether it's from a garage sale or a jeweler.I'd wear these to the beach-or in the city so I can pretend I'm at the beach!

Which of these spring accessories do you like best?

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Photo Credit: Hovart/Condé Nast Archive, Cathy Crawford, Fairchild Archive