Ad Campaign Features Models Peeing Their Pants … but Nobody's Laughing

Another day, another controversial fashion ad campaign. This time the brand under fire is high-end British department store Harvey Nichols, who mailed out fliers last week with models looking as if they peed their pants alongside the words, "The Harvey Nichols sale: try to contain your excitement."

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Cue the backlash. Looks like everybody's all riled up, and here are just a few of the angry Tweets:

"Crass. Sorry @Harvey-Nichols but they're absolutely disgusting."

"Take a look at the WORST advertising I've ever seen & it's for @Harvey-Nichols."

"Really, @Harvey-Nichols? REALLY??"

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Are we the only ones cracking up over these ads? C'mon, models peeing their pants is funny. Sure, it's a tad bizarre, but it's all in good fun. In the worlds of fashion and advertising it's easy to get sucked up into the serious side of things, but sometimes it's important to just kick back, relax, and have a good laugh. Remember: this isn't life or death … it's just a little harmless pee humor.

What do you think? Did you laugh at this? Or is the ad campaign out of line?

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