Adjustable Breast Implants? Like Blow-up Water Balloons? Yep!

That's right, get these puppies and you'll be able to turn the dial up and down on those boobs of yours just like a thermostat. Am I the only one just learning about adjustable breast implants?

I feel like I've been living under a "what's new in plastic surgery"-rock. I mean, I watch "The Real Housewives," how could this be true? Seriously, I was blown away when hearing about the recent Botox boob job, but the thought of being able to sit in front of a mirror and go "no, no, a little less in the left and can you add a smidge to the right?" as the doc inflates my chest is enough to make my brain pop (eek, no pun intended).

Apparently there was a need for the adjustable implant because nearly half of all women getting implants end up changing their mind about their desired size. With this new inflate-to-satiate procedure, you have up to six months to take a little off or add a little more to get your chest juuuust right. You get to be like the Goldilocks of boob jobs!

So how does this work? Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig, medical director of JW Plastic Surgery, currently the only Chicago plastic surgeon who specializes in using adjustable breast implants says, "The procedure is actually a breast reconstruction technique that has been used to recreate breasts for breast cancer survivors.

The procedure for post operative size adjustment is simple. During the operation, a port the size of a dime is placed under the patient's skin. Three months after the surgery the patient returns to the surgeon's office and together the patient and the doctor both watch in the mirror as the doctor adds saline and adjusts the size. The adjustment is not painful and once the patient is satisfied with the size of her breasts, the port is removed."

WOW. I think I am going to stick to learning chest press exercises to naturally increase my cup size and slathering on boob job cream for now. But I must admit, I am slightly intrigued by this saline solution.

How about you? Have you heard of this and would you consider it over the standard procedure?

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