Am I Nuts for Thinking This Eye Makeup and Headpiece Situation on Ke$ha is Cool?

by Beth Shapouri

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesThis is how Ke$ha showed up to perform at the amfAR India event at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai last weekend.

With a chain headpiece and dark eye makeup made to look like feathers or wings around her eyes, and I can't help myself--I LOVE IT.

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I'm sure I've lost some of you already. It's not subtle, I know. But I'll remind you that this was a performance look, so it's certainly not something I'd suggest you guys try for your next dinner date. Well, not unless you don't mind people looking at you like you might eat their soul. But as a work of event-specific art, it's just too cool not appreciate.

Agree or disagree?

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