The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coats

It's rare that celebrities bother with outerwear because in the long walk from the chauffered SUV to the VIP entrance, things like weather don't really impact them. Sometimes they want to be "of the people" which means walking around or actually spending more than a few poses outdoors. Turns out they can do coats fiercely too.

Blake Lively literally carries away by Chrisitan Louboutin after his book launch in NYC

There is something very pimp-a-licious about this leather coat, and I mean that in the very best way. The color gives me a kind of 70′s vibe but the design is surprisingly ladylike. I love the idea of combining leather with classic tailoring.


Despite the messiness of the outfit, I am in love with Anne's trench. I'm a fan of black & white but it's the way the colors are split that make this coat so special and eyecatching.