Angelina’s Right Leg Has 15,000 Twitter Followers

At the Oscars Angelina Jolie was upstaged by her own right leg. At the Oscars Angelina Jolie was upstaged by her own right leg. Many A-list celebs put their best foot forward on the Oscar red carpet, but one leading lady had a literal leg up on the competition. Angelina Jolie's right leg got a whole lot of attention last night, as the actress made exaggerated poses to show off the thigh-high slit of her Versace gown.

When it came time for Jolie to present Best Adapted Screenplay on stage, she stood at the mic and took a moment to place her hand on her hip and swing her right leg out from beneath her dress. She grinned as the audience cheered and made cat calls. Then once "The Descendants" screenwriters Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, and Jim Rash came up to accept the award they mocked Jolie's leggy pose for the crowd, drawing lots of laughter. Jolie seemed to love every minute of it.

And the attention didn't stop there. Social media exploded in reaction to Angie's Right Leg, which now has it's own Twitter account. The page features a close up of Jolie's leg and lists 18 Tweets, telling people to "Check out this leg over here!" Users Tweeted back amusing comments like "Fun fact: Angelina Jolie only shaved her right leg tonight." Nearly 15,000 people are keeping tabs on updates from Angie's Right Leg.

According to the Daily Mail, Jolie's father Jon Voight discussed her leg exposure on a UK morning show called "Daybreak." "She comes out and does this pose and waits until people get it, it was so great," he said. "The audience responded so wonderfully too, with whistles and everything. And then she laughed and took it in and went on with her speech. So who knows? You can never tell about these moments that pop up out of a show like this."
One thing we can tell: Jolie isn't the only celebrity with a much-discussed body part. Jennifer Lopez's nipple (which may or may not have appeared on the Oscar stage) also has a Twitter account with over 2,000 followers.

Are you shocked that Jolie's leg is more popular than J.Lo's nipple? Or is it perhaps more surprising that people have dedicated their time to making Twitter accounts for celebrity body parts?

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