Angelina Jolie is a natural blonde?!

Columbia PicturesColumbia PicturesToday we discovered bizarro fact #5,492 about Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie was born a blonde, but began dyeing her hair at an early age. And we mean a very early age. "When I was four or five, my mother dyed my hair dark brown," says Jolie. "She decided to keep it that way. And I stuck with that." The actress has been a fake brunette for 30 years--she even had the kids in the sandbox fooled!

While we take a minute to process this new information, do you think Angie would be perceived differently Charles Guerin/ABACAUSA/Ramey PhotoCharles Guerin/ABACAUSA/Ramey Photoin Hollywood if she had stayed true to her natural blonde hair? We love her dark hair, but have to admit Jolie looks much more approachable in these photos from her upcoming movie, "Salt." Do you think she looks better as a blonde or a brunette? [Pop Crunch] [E!]