Are Beauty Products Going on Steroids?

Let us clarify - we don't actually mean that your favorite products are about to injected with a dose of steroids to give you a jacked up makeup makeover equivalent to The Jersey Shore's The Situation, but lately it does seem that brands are making products to last longer, work harder, and do things more quickly. But is it too much? Check out the newest beauty products below and the competition they're bringing to the table.

Rimmel's Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

The latest foundation coverage from this British brand is promising not to budge off your face for 25 hours, even though there are only 24 hours in a day. It has a transfer-resistant formula and won't move so much so that you won't even have to wash your face the entire day. This sounds great, but shouldn't you want to wash your face after a day of wearing your foundation. And if so, will it come off, or is it sticking true to its 25 hour promise?

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Conair's BaByliss Pro Voltare

This jacked up blow-dryer is built with Ferrari parts - seriously! Voltare is the first dryer to use a ball bearing design, which makes it purr like an engine and run smooth. The average dryer lasts anywhere from 500 to 600 hours but the Voltare promises to last a whopping 2,000 hours with 2,200 watts of power. So far this dryer is available only to the pros right now, but would you want to put something with parts of a Ferrari engine that close to your head to begin with?

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CND Shellac Nail Color

We have to admit, we kind of love shellac. This hot new nail trend is a revolutionary polish that applies like regular polish, but sets thicker so it promises not to smudge or chip for 14 days. Set under a UV light there is zero dry time and removal, though it may require a trip back to the nail salon, promises to only take minutes by soaking in an acetone formula. The best part about it is that there is no damage done to your natural nails, unlike getting a traditional acrylic set. Is this too good to be true, or will we just get greedy and want the next formula to last even longer?

What do you think about the newest in hair, makeup, and nails? Are beauty products changing with the fast times or is the beauty industry taking things a little too far?

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