Are There Swimsuits that Hide Your Tummy Bulge?

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Modern swimsuits leave so little to the imagination, don't they? You want to feel good whatever you're wearing, but that can be a challenge with skimpy, clingy silhouettes. But never fear. Plenty of swimwear on the market can help disguise a little belly bulge -- because believe me, girlfriend, you are not alone in your bathing suit worries. Look for styles that draw the eye away from your midsection and up toward your bust and face or down to your shapely, show-offable legs.

Control Panel

It seems like every other swimsuit on the market these days features a hidden tummy-control panel on the inside that acts as built-in shapewear. This feature is great for smoothing down a bit of a bulge here and there, but don't expect it to provide the illusion of perfectly flat abs.

High Waist

Yes, you can wear a two-piece bathing suit even if you're a bit self-conscious about your midsection. The key is to select a high-waisted bottom. The extra coverage will fool the eye and hide any problem areas around your tummy. It's extra fun to choose a bottom piece in a bold print. Pair your bottoms with a tank-style top for maximum coverage, comfort and flexible style -- separates are seriously in lately when it comes to swimsuits.


Shirred layers of fabric around your waist break up that big broad expanse and add a bit of a drapery effect, concealing the shape of your tummy and providing some waist definition at the same time. So if you prefer a one-piece suit, look for shirred fabric and diagonal lines that draw the eye away from your midsection and toward the edges of your body.

Side Tie

A side tie helps draw the eye away from your belly and up toward your now well-defined waist. Combined with a little bit of shirring and maybe a striking print, this style has a lot of visual interest.


A short skirted bottom, especially when combined with a high waist, will conceal the bottom of your tummy completely. Sarong ties in particular are quite trendy and stylish, and plenty of retro-chic skirted designs are available, too. Skirts can work with both one- and two-piece swimsuits.

Are There Swimsuits That Hide Your Tummy Bulge?
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