Are we too lazy for real clothes? Meet the Snuggle Suit

The Snuggle Suit from JCPenneyThe Snuggle Suit from JCPenneyEveryone is looking to cash in on the Snuggie fad, with dozens of imitators like the Necky and now the Snuggle Suit following its footsteps. But aside from being get-rich-quick gimmicks, we think the creators of these cozy garments have latched on to a larger and perhaps more depressing trend: people don't want to get dressed!

Here in the Northeast, snow has been coming down all month, and temperatures are in the negatives with the wind chill, so it's no huge surprise that people enjoy wearing warm, comfy sweats and cuddling up with blankets. But are Snuggies and Snuggle Suits encouraging us to spend too much time sitting on our butts? And are we foregoing actual clothing when we do head outside?

Recently we've seen men, women, and children alike wearing sweatpants, track suits, and even pajamas while running errands, on planes and even out at brunch! We believe that when going out in public (not just a quick trip to the drive-through window at the bank) people should wear real clothes. Outfits even! We'll admit we've done it before too... but can we make this a resolution as a community to put a little more effort into getting dressed?

Tell the truth: Do you ever wear sweats or pajamas out of the house?