Are you a makeup hoarder? (video)

By Joanna Douglas, Shine staff

As someone who has been a beauty editor for years my makeup, nail polish, and hair products are taking over my apartment. I unload cosmetics on family, friends, and even neighbors, but it never ends (tough break, I know). But some women are truly obsessed with makeup and can never seem to have enough. There's always a new shade of lipstick or eyeshadow you must try, or a skin cream or hair product that sounds like a miracle.

Jennifer Bourgoyne is a self-proclaimed "makeup hoarder" who appeared on "Good Morning America" and made a plea for help. The worst part: so many of Bourgoyne's products were expired she had to go buy new mascara, eyeliner, and a few "necessities" to fill in the gaps. Check out this video of her insane makeup collection and how she got organized.

Are you a makeup hoarder? What products can you not stop buying?

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