Awesome '90s Fashion Trends We Miss

Somewhere between paying the bills, picking up groceries, and doing laundry, I've been feeling nostalgic for my carefree childhood. I'd love to go back to the days when Nintendo 64 was cutting edge technology and scrunchies were the "it" accessory. Since time machines don't actually exist, I've had to settle with a complete Spice Girls song list on my iPod.

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I'm definitely not the only one in my office feeling the '90 love, considering a brief mention of "Clueless" turned into an hour-long convo about our favorite '90s trends. Scroll down to check out sme of the '90s fashion trends we're missing most or click here for the complete roundup.

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Slap Bracelets

It was a dark day in the early '90s when schools started banning slap bracelets after one New York City elementary school student removed the bracelet's fabric covering and suffered a nasty cut that required stitches. Her hand healed, but the result? No more slap bracelet fun.

Confession: "I loved slap bracelets! I had tons of them stacked up from wrist to elbow -- old school arm swag. I was so sad when schools banned them because they could be 'dangerous.' If they brought them back today I would wear them un-ironically." -- Cinya B.

Blossom Hats

Remember quirky teen Blossom Russo? "Blossom" was huge during its heyday when it aired from 1991 to 1995. Girls everywhere channeled their inner eccentric by wearing oversized cardigans, floral print dresses, and combat boots. But the key to pulling off the Blossom look was the floppy bucket hat.

Confession: "Blossom was my idol when I was a kid: she was slightly nerdy, yet still had a really cute boyfriend. It gave this super-nerdy kid hope. So of course I wore my Blossom-esque floppy hat every chance I got. I'm not sure I pulled it off as well as she did though." -- Sarah C.

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Platform Sneakers

Platform shoes were huge in the '70s, but the platform sneaker didn't make an appearance until the '90s. The only problem? They were super impractical and girls all across the country stumbled through gym class in 5-inch platforms just so they could look like Baby Spice.

Confession: "I totally wore platform sneakers, but not the Baby Spice kind. They were by Volatire, black with red and white accents, and came with leopard print shoelaces. I loved these sneakers so much that I continued buying them for years." -- Alexis F.

BFF Necklaces

Jewelry boutique (and tween girl haven) Claire's had the best selection of friendship necklaces in the '90s, but the most popular was the broken heart meant to be shared between two besties.

Confession: "Those best friend charms where you'd have one half and your BFF had the other caused so many fights in elementary school. But when you had one, it made you feel like you had this special little pact. So thrilling in fifth grade." -- Meghan R. Related

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Grungy Plaid

Pearl Jam, Bush, Nirvana ... grunge music was the soundtrack of the '90s, and the unofficial grunge uniform was ripped jeans and plaid shirts. No need to brush your hair when you're wearing grungy plaid. This style was all about looking as unwashed as possible.

Confession: "The '90s are when I made my biggest fashion statements. Plaid shirts were a personal fave -- and still are. A slightly oversized plaid shirt paired with a fitted tank and denim shorts is a perfect summer or festival outfit look even today." -- Tiffanie P.

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Now I want to know: Which '90s trend do you miss the most? Discuss in the comment section below.

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