Bad Teacher, Great Dresser

Let's play around the world with Cameron. Everyday's a new country and a different outfit, with the biggest surprise being that there's not a bad look in the bunch.


This is a great summer look that everyone can work, with a pair of leggings or skinnies, if they're not up for that level of exposure. I love the nude accessories, especially the cutouts on the heels.

Cameron Diaz attends 'Bad Teacher' Madrid Photocall

While I like the bright red belt, I find the jacket a good idea but a little snoozy.

Cameron dazzles in Moscow

Loving this look, from head to toe. The blazer gives a business edge while the jeans and heels add youthful fun.


Very hot lady tux look. I like how the pants widen towards the bottom and balance out the top. A big bangle or bright shoe would have looked cute too.

Bad Teacher; Moscow Premiere

My fave look - what can beat metallic animal print? It's playful but still dressy, sexy but upscale. If being a bad teacher looks this good, I say we don't need no education!