Bare With A Flair: Decorating "Down There!"

By Style Expert Kerri Winick of Celebutante Sisters

When it comes to grooming our lady parts, women wax, shave and trim. Now, there's a new trend in below the belt beauty…you can vajazzle your vajajay!

Vajazzling is a form of bikini wax. After hair is removed, stick-on Swarovski crystals are applied below the belt. Whether it's a special occasion, or you just want to get your glow on, many salons offer an assortment of designs for your jewels. Shimmer and shine with hearts, butterflies, flowers…and more! Or, place your own pattern "down there" with an at-home tattoo.

Even celebrities are decking out their girly parts. Jennifer Love Hewitt spilled the beans about her love affair with these crystal creations on the George Lopez Show.

So…how are those teeny tiny crystals applied? How long will these daring designs last? We went straight to the experts! Completely bare spas (based in New York City) have been vajazzling for years with their completely bare with a flair service. Check out our interview with spa owner Cindy Barshop.

So, tell us more about Vajazzling…

Vajazzling is crystallizing your bikini line after a completely bare ouchless wax or a laser hair removal treatment. The crystals are individually placed in a design on the area using a surgical glue that is safe for skin and keeps the crystals applied for 5 days or more.

How old are the women coming in to have it done? Is it for everyone?

We have women of all ages coming in for special events such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. This is for anyone that wants a little extra flair down there.

How are the crystals applied?

The crystals are applied individually with tweezers and surgical glue by our trained completely bare technicians.
What about maintenance? How long do they last? How much do they cost? Click here for more...

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